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Apr 12, 2022
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Can you identify the gun on the left?


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That is cool! I saw one like this at the Tulsa gun show last spring. two back action locks and an underhammer mechanism. The one that I saw had the riflings just at the very end of the barrel. Maybe the last 2-3". HUGE bore! I'll see if I have any pictures.
I thought I had taken some full sized pics, but I was wrong. It wasn’t very long at all. I would say the barrels were around 28-30”. Notice how there is a casting boss on both sides of the receiver for the lower barrel ignition point. Ah, I also see that this was NOT and underhammer like I remembered. It looks like there would have been a modification to the left hammer to be able to choose which barrel to fire. I really should have bought this. I don’t think he wanted much for it.
Can you identify the gun on the left?
Yes, it is a somewhat typical percussion fixed breech 3 barrel gun. The location of the three triggers is somewhat distinctive and PERHAPS could lead to the identification of the specific gunmaker. They were made by several gunsmiths, but were not too popular due to their weight and their higher cost. Often made with two shot barrels over a rifle. Probably a photo studio's prop gun as it was obsolescent at the time of the S&W .44 Russian #3 revolver in his holster and the 1873 Winchester and model 1873 single action army pistol on his buddy