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West Tennessee buck

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Didn’t expect this one! Hunting my 12 acre place in North west Tennessee. He was following a doe down the hill this evening and stopped about 75 yards away. Shot him with my self made Bedford County halfstock. .45 caliber round ball. 60 grains 2f. Dropped him in his tracks. Haven’t seen many deer at all this season. The rut finally kicked in I guess.
Simply great buck and rifle!
Congratulations on the great buck! Got this fella a couple of days ago. After missing a 10 pointer on opening day, this guy came walking out of the deep woods, into the clearing where I had set up! Didn’t even think to take a picture until he was loaded up to take to the processors. He broke off his brow tines.


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Hell of a buck. I need to find somewhere back east to hunt whitetail, ours are tiny in Arizona.