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W Moore shotgun

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Feb 24, 2024
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Years ago my great uncle gave me an old muzzleloader shotgun that belonged to my great great grandfather. According to the ramrod he took out a few hopefully rabbits. W Moore made shotguns in London in the early 19th century. An auction site I found a while ago dated it to 1835. Enclosing pictures. Enjoy. Ray


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Remove the barrels to check the proof marks.. the bore size may also be stamped.
You will find that guns by Moore were common they were the work horses and used mostly by the common fellow also farmers and game keepers .Over the decades I have restored a great number off them some if looked after through the guns life required little work and were a good solid gun .
I have one that I use for trap shooting and another guy at our club has one as well. I agree with everything Feltwad said, pretty common and built for hard use.

Put some new nipples in it and go shooting.