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FOR SALE Two Pedersoli Double Round Ball Molds and Handle - .395 & .400 Diameter

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Feb 3, 2017
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North Florida
I have the below shown Pedersoli dual cavity round ball molds and a Pedersoli mold handle for sale. One is a .395 diameter mold and the other is a .400 diameter mold. The handle is the correct handle for either mold. The .395 mold has been slightly used and produces very good balls. The .400 mold is new. I bought these to test for which round ball size my rifle(s) like best. Now you can gain from my testing. I am listing these at less than half price. The molds run $110 each new and the handle is $70 new if you can find them.

I am asking $150 for all three items which includes Priority Mail shipping through the USPS. I take USPS Money Orders as payment or I can take a credit/debit card by phone with the added 3.5% fee they charge me.



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