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Thoughts when buying a gun

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I absolutely agree with this. For me a gun has to be a work of art as well as a useful tool. Which is why I overwhelmingly have muzzleloaders. My two hawkens and my (new as of yesterday!) Zouave sit in my gun rack for all to admire, and my BP revolvers likewise in a glass cabinet, although I admit that some modern revolvers, e.g. Ruger Blackhawk, are aesthetically nice. My modern shot gun, as good a tool as any for home defense or small game for filling fridges, is a plain old thing and resides in a cupboard.
"Work of Art" sums it up nicely .
Well we have been married since the late 1970s (the Disco era), so if she had a nefarious plan I would imagine it would be in play by now. In the case of my death (last I checked, we all die eventually), I doubt I’ll have much concern at that point.
I wish you luck. My first wife and I were married in 1978. I thought I could trust her and that we had a good thing going. We fell onto some hard times in 2002. I ended up working for a gold mining company and spent some time in Central America. When I returned, I moved to Florida from Ohio. She was supposed to join me, but she kept giving me excuses. I learned that she had moved in with a guy she worked with. We ended up divorced in 2007, after 29 years of marriage. She took me for many of my guns and personal assets.
A friend once told me why he shot a Bear Grizzly bow. [in late 1960s]

"It was not expensive and if he needed an oar [paddle] or push pole for his canoe, he could use it."

I have always looked at guns as a tool, and when buying a new one, I ask myself, would I, could I use it as an oar?

Doesn't really apply to handguns.

I guess but I'd think that if push came to shove I could use my gun to take your paddle. 🫠