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SOLD Southern Mountain Rifle

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Sep 2, 2018
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This rifle has a .45 cal. 7/8” X 39” straight octagon eight groove barrel, double set triggers, and Chambers’ deluxe Siler lock. Although the fit and finish is very good, there are no markings on the exterior of the lock or barrel. Asking $1150 shipped (in CONUS) for it which, looking at Track of the Wolf, is about what the parts would cost.
Please PM me with any questions or additional photo requests.


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dude just turn in your man card if you have to ask lol

I strive to honor and love my wife, so I discuss big purchases with her first. Considering she’s given me the green light on three pistols in the last month, I’m certain her patience is running out of road.

I’m saving my pennies, E.B.! Perhaps I’ll be able to afford this rifle after I’ve sold a couple of firearms… assuming someone else doesn’t snatch it up first!
Do you know who made it? How does it shoot? What is the weight? And could you post a picture of the lock and touch hole line up?
I am not the original owner, so I do not know who made it and, as I originally posted, there are no markings. It shoots very well. I shot it with light loads and had great luck with it. As far as the weight, it is weird because it weighs 8 lb. but doesn’t seem like it. Maybe because it is so slim and delicate. Hope th pictures tell you what you need to know.


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