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FOR SALE SOLD ! 1862 Navy Arms / Uberti pocket Navy .36 cal

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36 Cl.
Feb 18, 2007
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Melbourne florida
Hello...my name is Dave...my dad passed away and left me some firearms...im not really into muzzleloading anymore...I was a few years ago, but even then it was mostly muzzleloading rifles...well anyway, im trying to sell some of the muzzleloading revolvers he left me. I'm hoping to put any sales made towards a head stone or grave marker....thank you ! 👍

I have never sold anything here...I do have 100% feedback on eBay but i obviously can't sell them there.

I can do Venmo or postal money order and face to face if you live nearby 👍
I will ship priority mail with tracking

First one for sale : a Navy arms / Uberti 1862 pocket navy in .36 cal..with 4 1/2" barrel

My dads notes say this was made in 1975 (?)
Some signs of use (see pics)...but No mechanical issues...no rust, shiney bore and action works great.
Price : $225. Plus $20 shipping
Please message me with any questions

Best regards,


40 Cal
Jan 26, 2021
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The date code ("AA" in the small rectangular box on right side of frame) indeed indicates a 1975 proof date. It looks like a nice early and well-loved Uberti. Too bad you're not interested - these are a lot of fun to shoot. (I have four already or I'd be interested!)

My condolences on the loss of your father, and best wishes toward assuaging your grief. I hope that you can easily raise the money to appropriately mark his grave.