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WITHDRAWN Shiloh .54 Caliber Percussion Sporting Rifle

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Jun 10, 2005
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Some back story - I purchased this from a shop off of Gun Broker in the hope of using it during the special Muzzleloader seasons. Unfortunately, it is not legal for this in all three States that I deer hunt. Even though they allow all of the modern unmentionable contraptions with bolt-actions and optical sights. When I do hunt during the regular firearms deer seasons, it is almost always with my Model 1885. Now with the complaining over, I am selling this outstanding rifle.

Farmingdale, NY manufactured Shiloh Percussion Sporting Rifle in .54 caliber. This rifle is about as new, and I am not sure it has ever been fired. It is clean, well maintained, with zero corrosion. Color case is strong, bright, and well done. I would not call the wood standard grade. As you can see in the images it has very nice figure. Maybe semi-fancy walnut. Color-cased steel Butt plate. 30-inch octagonal barrel marked Old Reliable on the top flat. Bore and rifling are spotless. It holds the mark of Wolf Droege, who built these rifles prior to the move to Big Timber and was later a consultant before retiring. Blade front sight, with semi-buckhorn rear sight. You can also add a tang sight if desired. All screws are clean, with no buggering from the wrong screwdriver. You will search a long time to find one in this condition.

$1950 shipped within the USA - FIRM. Considering what they sell for new from Shiloh, and the 3 years+ build time and waiting, this is a great deal. Payment by cashier's check or money order. Please send me a private message with any questions. Thanks.


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