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SOLD Scottish Flintlock Pistol

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Oct 21, 2013
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Scottish flintlock pistol often referred to as a Blackwatch pistol. These were used by Highland Units during the American Revolution. This is an Italian reproduction that has not been made in a number of years. It is a .58 caliber smooth bore and can be shot with ball or shot. The frizzen spring is a little weak but it closes the frizzen and sparks well. The brass frame shows a nice patina from years of handling. This would make a great addition to any Highland collection. The only reproduction currently available are made in India and do not seem to be of the same quality as the Italian reproduction. $350 shipped where legal.
Interesting, what is the condition of the bore? What's the trigger pull like? And are there any markings? Thanks
I will post a pic of bore tomorrow, I tried to show the proof marks in one photo but it is difficult to see. There is an AB and several Italian proofs on the left side of barrel. I have 3 of these and don’t remember the trigger on this particular one without handling it when I’m back home tomorrow. Thanks for the questions.
Post a photo with your name and date with the item. Read the classified guidelines.
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