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SOLD Ruger Old Army SS (SPF) and unfired Colt Signature Series

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32 Cal.
Jan 24, 2012
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Ruger was likely fired and meticulously cleaned.
Ruger is SPF.
The Colt is unfired. Both in original boxes. From an estate sale.
$850 each or $1500 both
I accept Zelle, PayPal f&f, Cash app , Venmo, Cards add 3%
Shipping would be $25 each or $30 for both

.44 ROA pics


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Will send confirmation pics to interested parties with any common item of your choice included in pic, along with ID, and FaceTime/skype live inspection.
An image of the items with registered forum name and date is not by request, it is a basic requirement.
Will do. This is the first time I’ve posted something for sale, and didn't catch that. Thanks
And the ROA is SPF to Don/Nazgul58. Second in line is Coolhand.


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