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May 22, 2010
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Florence, AL
Although I have heard much praise for them I have never bought from them though I did buy their NW Tradegun drawing from another supplier. When going over the drawing, no the text, I found that part of one of the sections was missing.
Rather obvious here below the drawing of the lock mortise. I called Track and ask for them to snap a pic of the text and email it to me. The young lady assures me , no problem. A few hours later they return my call and tell me a new drawing is headed my way. In three days I had it in hand. Great folks.
I agree. Their drawings are great and have been useful in shaping stocks and evaluating placement of hardware. They let you know what is out of stock and backordered before you place an order. The catalogs have full scale photos of buttplates and other parts which allows me to see exactly how they would fit. I’m hoping for a new paper catalog soon, but all the old ones are still good.
just placed another order today. shipping was $10.00 and change, i removed one .99 cent item and the shipping went to 6.95 ?? added the .99 cent inlay.... back up to $10.+ so the .99 cent piece would have cost me $4.00 + :doh:

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