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SOLD Pedersoli Kodiak .58 X .58 Double Rifle - NEW

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May 24, 2005
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Hi ALL. I've finally reaching the age where I need to start "thinning the herd". So I will likely be starting to sell off some highly desirable muzzle loaders. No one in my Family has any interest. So, here is the first one now for sale:
Description: As stated above. The only markings on the gun I can find are on the left, rear area of the left barrel. On top it is marked: Kodiak Cal. 58. On the side it is marked: 3831K. The gun is in as-new condition. I bought it second hand, but could tell it had never been fired. And I've never fired it. The bores are mint. The nipples and nipple area look like they have never even had a cap test. No dings, scratches, etc. on the stock. I ran a cleaning patch down each bore. Not even dust. Weight is about 10-lbs. LOP from the middle of the butt stock to the front trigger is about 14.5". The previous owner must have replaced the wood ramrod with a fiberglass one. Which, IMO is OK for this gun. Looks like he also installed a brass cleaning Jag of the correct size, which looks used. But, again, the bores are perfect. So I guess the jag was being repurposed. The barrels have all their blue finish with no scratches. Twin rear sights that are adjustable for both windage and elevation. The only issue I can find is the triangle shape on the rear sight is missing it's white paint. The sight does not look like it's been tampered with in any way. Will just require the correct white paint they use to be re-applied. See photo. Again, the gun is in new, unfired condition, and will be obvious to the next owner. Will ship in a padded hard case and a double-wall box by either USPS Ground Advantage or regular UPS-Ground. Will include a new leather, 1" sling.
These guns appear to currently retail for about $1,500.00+. My price is $850.00 shipped to the lower 48 States. PM me if interested or additional information. And thanks for looking. Rick

EDIT: I just now realized there is a single screw missing from the rear sight. And the white paint slightly smeared. Easy to get the screw and touch up the paint. What a good photo will reveal.

DSC03139 (Medium).JPG
DSC03141 (Medium).JPG
DSC03142 (Medium).JPG
DSC03143 (Medium).JPG
DSC03144 (Medium).JPG
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Guys, these scarce rifles have to be handled and shot to be fully believed and enjoyed. The pleasure of delivering a right, then a left -- both shots of elk-staggering power -- should be experienced by everyone at least once. You have to step waaaaay up to centerfire double costing at least 500 percent more money to enjoy this unique experience. If I had not just bought one for a lot more money, this would be sold.
Hi Bill

Thanks for the comments. I really don't want to sell it as I wanted the same experience you mentioned. But I turn 74 in another month. Which is not the end of my shooting world. But I need to start selling now. I'm also downsizing where I live. So way too many guns in my collection. Eventually, I'll get down to the ones I most want to shoot on a regular basis. Also, have other antiques to work on.
Bummer I missed it. They had one of these at Kittery Trading Post in Maine when I was growing up and I always wanted it. I think even then it was over $1,000.
Bummer I missed it. They had one of these at Kittery Trading Post in Maine when I was growing up and I always wanted it. I think even then it was over $1,000.
Fred. Dude. Welcome to the inner circle of percussion double rifle shooters. Now arm yourself with a copy of Sir Samuel Baker's "Wild Beasts and Their Ways" to get yourself fully situated in the world of powerful muzzleloading doubles. A Kodiak loaded with 120 grains of Swiss FFg and a 570-grain conical is a "force majeure." :cool:
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