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New from Kentucky.

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Feb 23, 2024
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I'm a new member from Ky. I am beginning work on a new project and I am hoping the members here can help me with some of their black powder wisdom. I will be posting a couple, likely more than a couple, of questions on the forum pertaining to a project that a friend of mine and I are about to start on. I have shot muzzleloaders in the past, but mainly more modern versions and almost always with modern black powder substitutes. My friend and I plan to try and kill a turkey with a BP 10 gauge this spring. I feel that this may lead to more BP adventures in the future.
I started as a long range shooter and Hunter and after several years of that I have began to gravitate towards older, more classic rifles and shotguns. I have entered my Africa phase now and I spend a lot of time on Africa hunting.com as I used to on Longrangehunting.com. I hunted Zimbabwe this summer and plan to go back in 2026, but for the time being I am dabbling in the black powder hunting and I hope to kill a turkey this spring to start my BP adventures

Have you considered a swivel cannon?


Welcome from NW Alabama!
I started a recent thread asking how many years experience folks have. At last count, 212 folks replied and 150 of those have 40+ years in the hobby. There is over 9300 years combined experience! So someone will have the answer you are lookin for.

I come from an airgun and LR unmentionable background, moving over to BP just a couple of years ago. I quickly learned, just like the aforementioned, BP has few constants and many variables. Lot numbers on powder, lube, lead hardness, charge, etc...

There are plenty of folks that can help you get started. But in the end, it will take your trial and error to find the load combination that your gun likes.
Hi, There are many answers available on this Forum. At Forum Announcements and help you'll fine good guidance. You can learn how to recognize scammers and how to report them. Greetings from a member in Michigan, Steve
Welcome from the North West Mountains of North Carolina Mike (The Heart of the High country). After 40 years building four Muzzleloaders (two percussion, and two Flint and burning one heck of a lot of “the Holy Black”, I realized that apart from my walk with God and caring for my family, this frontier lifestyle would be an important part of the last years of my life. This is a family blog of good people eager to provide help when needed.