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New Cocked hat with ribbon

Muzzleloading Forum

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Jan 2, 2024
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Smurf Carolina
Someone wanted a cocked hat, so I made them one. This one has a fancy ribbon, not a proper cockade, as I couldn't find a material I liked for that, but a fairly simple ribbon for decoration (it's removeable if they decide they like the plain hat better.)

On this one, I used a proper lacing to hold the sides of the hat to the brim. I picked up a braided leather belt at the thrift store, and unbraided it to get some black leather for the lacing. The felt on the hat is easy to cut with a 5/32 hole punch - you don't even need a hammer, just a board to press the hole punch against while you twist it to make the holes.

A total of three silk ties were sacrificed to make the binding and the ribbon.

Total cost: $4.50 for the hat, 75 cents for the belt, and $3.00 for the ties, so under $8.25 for a reasonably correct hat, more or less.


  • Hat on head.jpg
    Hat on head.jpg
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  • Belt.jpg
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  • Hat brim.jpg
    Hat brim.jpg
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  • Hat.jpg
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  • lacing knot.jpg
    lacing knot.jpg
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  • Lacing.jpg
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  • Ribbon.jpg
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  • Ties.jpg
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