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May 24, 2005
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Hello All.

I've been wanting a bag and horn that seemed to look right with the Mid-17th Century guns, in my imagination. Not trying to duplicate any known original pieces. Just something a bit different in design. Anyway, here is what I ended up with..........
BAG: Made by James Rogers. He calls it his signature shell bag. Made from horse hide (I believe). The inside is fully lined, with a divider in the middle to form two pockets. The brass buckle and flap button were hand made.
HORN: Made by Larry Gotkin. A sort of fat, stubby horn with four suspension rings. Similar horns are shown in early paintings and wood carvings even back to the Landsknecht peiod.
The caps and plug are made from tulip wood, while the spout is made from African black wood. I made the suspension cord from black cotton rope. Genuine hemp rope would probably be more authentic, but thought the colored rope looked good on this paticular horn.
Anyway, thought you all might like to see them. It's so hard to beat custom, hand made stuff. LOL
Woops. I'm showing an "error" trying to upload from files. Never had this problem before. So, pics to follow.......




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Feb 19, 2018
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Love it, you have a good eye for match making! I think it is an excellent choice to go along with your Spanish piece!
Hang on and I will edit this post with some pictures of my new powder horn and possibles bag. Scroll reads Liberty or Death. Initials GW? Maybe for George Washington? My initials are GWS. I may add an S. Sacrilegious? LOL
Image 3-7-19 at 6.29 PM.jpg Image 3-7-19 at 5.56 PM.jpgImage 3-7-19 at 6.27 PM.jpg Image 3-7-19 at 5.54 PM.jpg Image 3-7-19 at 5.55 PM.jpg Image 3-7-19 at 6.21 PM.jpg Image 3-7-19 at 6.22 PM.jpg
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