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NAA percussion fun *update with Remington #11 caps!

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Feb 14, 2021
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This is a fun gun. The last time I shot it using CCI #10 caps it worked, but not well. This outing, using Remington #11 I had no failures. I wish I had about 5 cylinders and someone willing to load the for me as I could shoot this all afternoon. I guess I still could, but more than half of the time would be loading. There is or was a loading tool for this, I don’t see them available so I may have to rig one up to speed up the process. The grease spattered target is about 5 feet aimed fire as shown in the video. The other target is 3 big paces so 9-10 feet semi rapid fire. These hit below point of aim which was center of the paper plate.


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I also have the Super Companion and it's probably my favorite of my BP guns. Weird thing though is that I have misfires with the Remington 11's but it seems other people don't. I also wasn't aware of using #4 shot but I'll be buying some now. I use triple 7 in mine and get close to 22lr velocities.
Is there really an advantage (price wise) in the black powder NAA compared to the unmentionable rimfire .22?
I don't use grease in mine. I do carry a few baby wipes in my loading equipment. I'm probably not the only one and have not seen anyone mention it. But after shooting these little guns, my hand(s) get really dirty.
Also, has anyone used 22 caliber pellets? I have a tin of those and don't have a 22 pellet gun. Just wondering.