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SOLD Mountain man pipe/tobacco pouch with pipe

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Sep 8, 2012
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It would appear the the pipe pouch , as we most commonly see it, is a 19th century item which is still fantastic because mountain men, fur traders, western and eastern frontier folk and those used to making do could carry this item.
Here’s my interpretation. It’s not a copy of any one style but a model based on my thinking. Small enough to not get in the way while paddling or walking, a pipe holder on the back so as to keep the pipe straight up and down and provide a little protection, the flap keeps unwanted debris out from woods or water if paddling or caught in the rain. I’m not much for foo-fraw but the scalloping around the edges is leather and cut with the same style pinking punch on display at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.
Hand stitched, flax thread, 3 1/2” X 5”. The pipe I’ve paired with it (it will hold any clay pipe) is a cutty in shape and they were shipped from Britain around the world by the barrel full for centuries. Supposedly they voyagers preferred this style because they didn’t have time for a longer smoke than this small bowl.
$50 shipped to the lower 48. I accept checks, money orders, cleverly concealed cash and PayPal.


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Jan 1, 2008
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Very nice work indeed. I enjoy a pipe filled with some nice and aromatic tobacco myself from time to time. I'm sure this will make someone on this forum quite happy.
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