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Micigan Muzzleloader Shops

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32 Cal
Sep 2, 2021
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Hillsdale Mi
Hi Hope this is right spot , Im looking for a T/C Hawken 45 and was wondering of anyone out there knows if there are any shops in Mi that sell used muzzleloaders, Thanks
On target used to have lots of used Muzzloaders but the changed hands about a yr ago and a lot of the stuff they used to have they dont deal with very much anymore
Kenocke Trading Post in Kenocke, MI. Anson and Judy Morgan own it I been going there for 40 years. They used to be on the board of directors for NMLRA as well. Many of the novelty targets we shoot at muzzleloader events Anson created.
I called them, KTP, and going to check them out , Thanks
When you go there tell them "Little" John Zdral referred ya from KY. I grew up right by there. Just bought 10 pounds of powder from them a month ago. I live in KY now but they will always get my business when i need stuff and in town visiting family.