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Made a Lyman pouch

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Aug 15, 2014
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After seeing a few posts showing the Lyman pouch, I thought I would try my hand at making one. It measures 8x6 with a divider inside.
I'm going to make or buy something like that, a belt pouch. I'm moving to hunt with my woodsrunner now, but I refuse to walk in the woods with a shoulder bag, 47 tools around my neck, a horn, etc clanking around. :D I have been hunting with a cap lock and a shoulder bag but it gets to be a bit much sometimes. So this belt pouch makes sense.
Light, clean and simple. I grew up wearing a hunter brand leather belt bag, I only would carry what was needed. I got a beautiful possibles bag a couple of months ago from a member on the ALR website. I’m just not used to it yet. For me your pouch is a comfortable compromise to the bag.
The original Lyman pouch. Note rounded bottom corners and what is thought to be the remnants of a leather button for closure.
Here’s the one I carry- made it a couple of years ago. Rounded corners, leather button, internal divider to separate buckshot from ball.


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I wish I had the talent to make leather things like this
I used to say that until I finally started doing it myself and then I realized that it isn't as hard as I thought. I started small with a couple of shot pouches and a wallet, then on to bags. Now I've made a whole bunch of stuff, and I wish I had started years ago. I know one thing, if I can do it, anyone can.
I wish I had the talent to make leather things like this
You can.
Start with a simple but good pattern. By good I mean symmetrical and not too complex to cut out. I use Manila office file envelopes cut to lay flat in two single layers (the front and the back separated) or for a pattern I think I'll use a few times I'll use thin cardstock file folders, again cut along the crease to get to "sheets." Fold your pattern paper in half to create a centerline. Draw half your pattern working off that line, with it folded. Cut it out, with it folded. Unfold, trace into leather, do this for all pieces. Stitch together following a saddle stitch tutorial off YouTube, their are plenty. @artifichas links to some really good ones. Do not cheat yourself and use of those "easy-stitcher" stitching awls.

If you are trying to make something with several pieces that need to line up or end up in certain places or orientation when finished. Get cheap craft felt, cut your pieces out if this, and practice with it just pinning it together to see how the pieces need to go and in what order....

All this was harder to write and explain than it is to understand and do.
How do you make your pattern? Do you fold your paper or cardstock in half to form a centerline?
I drew it on some heavy paper, a target actually, then traced it onto the leather and cut it out from there. As I said earlier, I wasn’t happy with the rounded corners I was getting, when I cut the leather it just didn’t look right. I’m going to try again with a slightly heavier leather, and see how that goes. I’ll may skip the divider too, and just keep loose ball and wadding in it.