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Are they on vacation? Been calling all week and left two messages. Want to order Woodsrunner. nobody has called back since Monday.
Luckily they are very busy. Probably best to order what you want online. Then send an email to Bree with any questions or special requests. She’ll definitely get back with you.
I've never had any problem by communicating with them by e-mail, or sometimes by phone when they are having their working hours. I've always found them to be very pleasant to communicate with either way.

The Doc is out now. :cool:
Tomorrow will be a month for me. When i asked two weeks ago it was going to be anther week or two. Still no word. I guess cherry must not be in great supply. I'd hate to be a pest, but I guess I am getting a little antsy...
Thanks. Certainly understandable to be antsy, I would be too. I am hoping I can order a Woodsrunner soon. I am also keeping and eye out for the ready ship ones they sometimes have deals on.
I ordered a gun case yesterday. Did a quick chat to check availability and it shipped this morning. I guess they are there!
GREG ... They ARE there. And all are working hard. My most recent order placed online was acknowledged yesterday. And shipped.

NOTE :::: There has been talk on both sides about coming out with a NEW KIT.

Now, you gotta know that takes a lot of work not the least of which is the need for more space, maybe new employees, etc.
Please give these folks some time.
Lots of things go into operating a business. And they all take up time.
And they don't just make Woodsrunners.

Here's one ...... what would we all do if Jim decided to just up and move to a way larger facility ??? How long would you wait then ???

Jim, Bree, and Katherine .... you all just keep doing what youse zzz doin. We bee okey dokey over here's.
Are they on vacation? Been calling all week and left two messages. Want to order Woodsrunner. nobody has called back since Monday.
Ordered mine thinking it would be 1-2 weeks, figured 3 would be reasonable based on the website. Ordered on the website fine but after 4 weeks with no comms I started inquires which were never responded to. Not until 5 weeks did I get the ready to ship notice and then rec'd in 3 days. They are a good, quality company - just overworked with not enough manpower to handle the impatient hordes lol.

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