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WITHDRAWN Impressive 12 Bore Belgian Made Flintlock Trade Musket

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Aug 25, 2007
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Correction: Proofs are Birmingham. I was going off the G/L logo. So British barrel and Belgian lock and stock?This is an impressively long 12 Bore Belgian Flintlock Trade Musket. It has a 52" barrel and overall length of 69". It has English proofs on barrel. The lock has the bumble bee G/L logo of Georges Laloux, made circa the late-1890s in Liege, Belgium. Liege has long been a manufacturing center for the world’s arms trade. These were produced for sale to the African nations and colonies. It was built in a military style. In fact, Stoeger imported some of these for sale and advertised them as such in their literature. The European countries inhabiting these remote outposts or selling to them were very careful to sell only obsolescent firearms to the natives so that they could maintain the upper hand should tensions rise. The bore needs a good scrubbing and I can only get to the 42" of my longest cleaning rod. The unrifled bore has long striations etched into the metal, typical of mass produced trade guns of the period. In fact, a Portuguese flintlock trade gun I recently sold is shooting decent roundball groups at 25 yards out of a worse bore, using a slightly under bore ball with wasp nest wadding. But these are primarily fowling pieces. **As with all antique guns, it should be examined by a competent gunsmith before firing.** Reach out and touch something for $575 + Shipping.
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