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Howdy from Texas

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Howdy and Welcome from The Woodlands. Still in the Piney Woods, but not as deep into it as y'all.
I had some projects in Tyler back in the '80s. I remember driving through the Piney Woods, and then coming across 40 acre clearings with nothing but roses!
The Rose Capital of the World, Indeed!
I would buy roses from the sellers on the corners, $1 per dozen, and nice flowers! Locally grown! I gave them to the secretaries at the office (remember secretaries? Pre-computers!).
And the fried catfish restaurants with the green tomato salad with onions that was tangy, and you didn't find it anywhere else! And great hushpuppies!
And the county was dry, unless you paid a membership to a private club. I learned to buy my supplies in Noonday. And onion sets. Noonday onions were famous back then. Don't know about now...
Visited Tyler a few years ago, and couldn't find a good fried catfish restaurant (per reviews, which weren't available in the '80s), and the corner flower sellers were gone. But the town was a whole lot bigger, with lots of new restaurants and a lot more traffic. Still a nice place, but bigger.
Welcome, and tell us about your guns and shooting. Ask any questions that you might have.
Don't be shy, we won't laugh.
Well, maybe a little, but we'll offer good advice, too. :ghostly:
New to the forum, but not muzzleloading. Mostly interested in black powder handguns, percussion and flintlock, cap and ball and single shot.
Probably won't see me post to often. I'm more of a listener than a talker.

Welcome from north carolina.im the same way. Just sit back and read what these guys say.they are very smart on this forum