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How to Clean a Percussion Rifle in 5-7 Minutes...

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Apr 15, 2022
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I use two 1 gal jugs with a dawn/ballistol/water mix to put the breech end in. One is the initial dirty rinse, the other is the clean rinse. Remove and clean the nipple. Clean the breech plug with a .32/.38 cal. brush and pipe cleaner. Blow the barrel out with compressed air, run a ballistol patch down the barrel and put it in the oven (I'm single. I can do that) at about 180 degrees. No flash rust 'cause of the ballistol. Wipe down the barrel inside and out with ballistol and done. I sealed the area around the tang where BP could get into the lock and it stays clean so I don't take it off very often. I use wheel bearing grease on it and the trigger. This is Florida so no cold worries here. But I have to say, I'm not done in 7 minutes.
Aug 28, 2015
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Fairbanks AK
Great video. Thanks for sharing. I need to figure out how to cut my gun cleaning time down a bit. I'm sure my cleaning method is an exercise in overkill and time needed will lessen with experience gained. I always use the shower to clean my muzzleloaders but have yet to shower myself at the same time. :) Anyone who thinks cleaning a gun in the bathroom is a nasty thing to do needs to be reminded of everything else that goes on in there.