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How I Make A Ramrod and Range Rod

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With all due respect running a rod only seven inches isn't the same as running a rod down the full length of a barrel where the rod can bend and rub against the inside of the barrel. If you recall in our history books people use to think the world was flat?

Well, consider that the exposure was very long term in times of quantity. Thirty thousand strokes! Deliberately focused on the area that seems to be the focus of concern; the muzzle. Consider which material did the most damage.

They ran their machine long enough to produce about 30,000 strokes and were quite surprised to find that the only material that actually wore the muzzle was the stainless rod which looked somewhat polished when the tests were finished. The bore that had been tested with the stainless "ramrod" was badly worn.

So, whatever testing and evidence that you are familiar with would be of interest.
Back in Post #52 I quoted my previous comment on fiberglass ram rods. It wasn't a test. I wanted a strong working rod and about 32 years ago Dixie Gun Works sold a fiberglass rod that was supposed to be a long lasting easy on the barrel very strong rod. I bought the rod and a muzzle protector. After about 2 months of use and nowhere near 30,000 strokes, I noticed that the muzzle guard was falling off as I pulled the rod from the barrel. That's when I noticed the 3/8" hole in the muzzle guard was now about 1/2". It was evenly worn. I soon bought a 3/8" brass working rod and a new muzzle guard. I saved the old muzzle protector to remind me not to use a fiberglass ramrod. Maybe the newer fiberglass rods havve better coatings to protect the bore more, but mine was certainly aggressive on brass.

I can't comment on fiberglass rods. I had one back in the 80's but on about the third range trip I forgot to pack it up to leave. :doh:

At this point I choose to trust the BBs AND your experience. So, that leaves me thinking about other variables of which I have nothing substantial. Possibly the coating as well as the possible differences in the wear on a muzzle guard as opposed to the muzzle? :dunno:
I had a couple fiberglass rods, when they get old they start to grow sharp sticks pricks
Prefer the delrin rod
Many years ago I was a lab technician in a polyester R&D group (aka "fiberglass"). One of the things I learned is just how abrasive that stuff can be. Might as well wrap your ramrod in 400-600 grit sandpaper. It can be that abrasive or more so depending on the filler used in the resin.

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