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How far down do you clean?

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In addition to my above comments, I have a TC Hawken that I build from a kit about 50 years ago and have always removed the nipple to clean unless it was just for a quick wipe when I was shooting again the next day. The nipple threads are still good. When I install the nipple I make sure it is just snug. When I install the nipple I just tighten it until the nipple makes good contact and hits bottom with light contact. I don’t cinch it down. That will ruin threads over time.
I use an old Toothbrush to scrub and Q tips to wipe in tight areas, fully remove them every 4th or 5th time used. Don’t forget to use anti seize on the threads.
I don't usually disassemble and clean the entire action unless I seem some sign it needs to be done. Frame, bore, forcing cone and chambers, always, of course, yes. My guideline on cleaning is "on condition". You don't really think they took the whole gun apart and cleaned it every time they shot it back in the day?