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Homemade black powder

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40 Cal
Jul 30, 2021
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Surely you've read the rules where it plainly states discussing making Black Powder is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This thread , and any others, will be locked,.
Hello! I'm shooting cal .44 1858's. I got some homemade black powder and since there are different sizes on powder like 1F to 4F i'm wondering if i should load less using this powder since it's probably much smaller then 4F. It's very fine powder... i will send a picture below.

Should i load less? I thought since 25 grains by volume with very fine powder like this might be more powder then for example 25 grains by volume with 2 or 3F? Also guess it might burn faster? So what's everyones advices on topic? :)

Thank you!


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Homemade is normally much less dense than commercial. That is an interesting mix you have there. Until you shoot some you won't know what the results are. Have you tried lighting a very small amount to see how it burns? I always burn about a level teaspoon to test a new batch before loading it in a gun. I have had some failures. Good luck to you.
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