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Hello from Virginia. Brand new to muzzle loading. Hope to learn lots from this forum.

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Welcome to the forum from the hills of Kentucky.

You have come to the right place to learn about traditional muzzleloaders.
Hello from Virginia. Brand new to muzzle loading. Hope to learn lots from this forum.
Welcome from north carolina.grab your chair and sit back and relax.these gentlemen in here know there stuff.you will learn a lot from them.i know i sure have in the little time ive been here.lol ive even been writing it down. Enjoy yourself. PS IT WILL HELP YOU A LOT TO PLEASE READ THE RULES. IF U BREAK ONE THEY WILL LET U KNOW. BUT THESE ARE SOME NICE GUYS.
Welcome from north Georgia. Wow….small world. My first real job as a kid was at the McD’s in FarmVille next to Longwood college. Grew up in Cumberland.

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