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Hello from CA

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California? The land of fire and floods? Jeez, how do you keep your powder dry? Kidding, kidding, I've ridden pretty much up one side of that state and back down the other.
Beautiful place, really. What do you shoot?
Welcome to the muzzleloading world. What part of the state are you located? We have the Santa Cruz Muzzleloading club where I am.
I am in Sacramento. Haven't seen anything about any clubs in the valley here, but haven't put too much effort in seeking any yet either.
I grew up in south Sacramento. There were a couple clubs. Fort Sutter Muzzleloaders and another club shooting at Sac Valley Shooting Center. Both clubs should be listed with the NMLRA. I see them in the magazine listing. There is also a club shooting in the Davis area. I hope this helps.

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