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SOLD Great Pistol

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Don't like the pictures? Photshopped? Move on and don't look back Problem solved. You didn't REALLY want it anyway. :mad: :rolleyes:
Just pointing out the obvious to help protect our community. We're supposed to look out for each other on here.

A buyer asked for specifics and as you can see, he turned it down.

Clearly stated that I'm not doubting the sale, just doubting the first run of pictures where he forgot to make the areas transparent. Wood background will leave a dark gray or black shadow, not bright tan.
This clearly is not wood grain. Nor is it from the lighting.
View attachment 273137
Compare to new pic
View attachment 273188

Anyone care to call me any more names when you compare the original pics to the new pics?

I'm on a phone and could clearly spot that it was an overlay.

Even the item description is a photo.

Along with being under valued by at least 400 bucks.

These pictures were sent to me from the seller. I requested pictures of the flash hole and pan. Does this help with any suspicions


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  • Screenshot_20231130_112550_Chrome.jpg
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