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Fullstock Flintlock Hawken

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Sep 22, 2005
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I finished building this morning and did final assembly. Been on the range most of the day. What a shooter.







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The Universe is a very weird place.

Was thinking about a build like this a couple of hours ago.

I have a 15/16", 28 inch, 1:66, .50 caliber barrel that needs to be built into rifle.

Plenty of cherry left over from my Antique 20ga plank build.

Beautiful Rifle, OP.

Dig'n that bear.

What style and size lock is that? Will the mainspring clear the bottom of a 15/16" octagonal barrel.

Thank you.
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Nice ! The wood grain awesome with the lines :cool:. I did a first time build with a Lyman Great Plains kit came out nice but yours makes me want tout it in the shed....
Thanks guys! I really like how it turned out. It takes building several to get things to look how you want them. I'm not a fan of the new and perfect look. I like worn and used, but not abused look. I did some antiquing and distressing for sure.

Ok, you talked me into it, I'm going to 6 shooting today.

That rifle is certainly eye-catching. If I were looking at rifles at a show I'd have to be nudged aside because I'd be parked by your rifle for quite a while just feeding candy to my eyes.
How did it shoot? I was very pleased especially the part when I lined the sights on the barrel center, first shot at 25 yards at an inverted "T", the ball hit dead center, but 4" low. A little filing of the front sight and it was hitting dead center in 3 shots.

With 50 grains Goex 3F, pillow ticking and round ball cut at the muzzle. It stacks them at 50 yards.

I went through my Woods Walk novelty range and only missed one of those easy can't missers. All the hard stuff I hit.

I will be working on a 100 yard deer load soon. Our doe season starts next Friday.