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Cva pistol issue

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Jan 21, 2023
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I have an old CVA pistol that i bought many years ago at a muzzleloading convention. It is obviously a kit build but was built well.
l shot it for many years while doing rendezvou and at club shoots And won many a match with it.
it is a 50 cal .
issue is when I bought it( for 45 dollars, ahh the good old days) It came with extra nipples, now many year and several movesl they have all been used. I have tried many different sizes but none seem to fit. I am down to the one on the gun and then it’s a wall hanger.
anynideas what size it should be?
I would probably give Deer Creek a call. Give them the information for your pistol. They possibly would have some spares. Maybe look up Dixie Gun Works too. They have tons of stuff.
I've got the muzzle loading version. The best $250 you can spend on a ML pistol. Accurate, well built. The trigger is fantastic, and I'm a trigger snob. ALL gun makers should be ashamed of their triggers in comparison to that cheap CVA. Only thing that sucks is the grip. To hard. Of course it is nothing more than plastic. Not sure if there are after market grips or not.
If it say's CVA it's 6 x 1mm. Commonly available.
If that don't fit, then clean the rust, try a drop of oil then use the 6 x1 mm.
You did say pistol, not revolver? (right?)
Yes pistol