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WITHDRAWN Custom .40 Flintlock - Maker Beryl Sink

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Sep 21, 2020
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Up for sale is custom flintlock longrifle, .40 cal, made by Beryl Sink and stocked in beautiful curly maple. Approximate measurements are: OAL- 56.5", Barrel- 42.5", LOP - 12.5", 9.4lbs. I don't have a great deal of information on the maker, aside from understanding he was a respected maker and shooter in the muzzleloading community.

In addition the beautiful stock, nice touches include slotted barrel wedges that slide out for removal of the barrel but are retained in the stock. Also of note is a touch hole liner and set trigger. The front sight is unique and appears to be horn/antler. It has a prior repair but appears secure. Elaborate engraved patch box, carving on reverse of stock.

Let the pictures be your guide to condition, but to my eye it appears very good for its age overall and the bore is excellent. There are of course small scratches, dings and wear. There's a small chip on the cheek rest (pictured) that looks to be old. The barrel shows finish loss and some scratches near the touchhole. There are some light colored speckles atop the barrel near the site (I've never tried to remove them). There's a line along the nose of the stock, appearing to be dyed at the time of the original finish (see photo 5). It appears to maybe an element of carving, though may have been an imperfection in the grain repaired at the time of the build, I've never been sure. Varying degrees of patina to brass, which has not been recently polished.

It's primarily resided in my safe, so I don't have many details to share about its performance or preferred load, but believe it will make someone a great shooter or for those collectors, a beautiful example of the muzzlelaoders art. Please feel free to ask questions.

I will ship well packed in a crate, with signature required. Looking for $995 shipped CONUS where legal. USPS money order preferred.


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It’s beautiful rifle. I still have it hanging out with me if you’d like to find out more!
I’m “keeping my powder dry” for something just a touch different. I do appreciate the quality of this rifle though.
Yep, have to agree with that measurement. So tempting, but alas, its about 1 3/4" too short for me. But, I'm new to this type of rifle and maybe they are shot short???
Yep, have to agree with that measurement. So tempting, but alas, its about 1 3/4" too short for me. But, I'm new to this type of rifle and maybe they are shot short???
I don’t know the answer to that I’m afraid! I’ve shot rifles and shotguns with different LOP’s and this one didn’t feel unusually short to me despite the shorter measurement, but I couldn’t say beyond that.