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FOR SALE Centaure Belgian Made 1860 Army Revolver $450

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Dec 24, 2019
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.44 caliber. Built in the mid 60's. You can read more about these fine revolvers here http://1960nma.com/

Bore and chambers are like new, no rust or pits. This gun has real color case hardening.

This gun was found in an attic, where it had been stored and then forgotten for 30 years or more. It had been wrapped in a cloth rag. Fortunately, the bore and chambers were coated with grease, and they survived the long-term storage just fine. The exterior bluing did not, but has aged to a great looking patina.

This revolver has all of the original parts and functions perfectly. All numbers match.

Price is $450, which includes the holster and shipping to continental US where legal.

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What's rare about it?
I've owned mine for over 60 years.
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What' rare about it?
I've owned mine for over 60 years.
Only 14,000 Belgian made Centaures were produced and there were several variations within that total such as the civilian version of which only around 950 were made. So with all the different variations made within the 14,000 total. How many are on this side of the Atlantic and how many have survived in varying condition. Plus the fact they were Belgian made, not Italian like all the other copies. That is why they are more scarce than many other 1860 copies. To some it is just another 1860 but to others it is also the uniqueness, historical aspect of this particular repro brand of pistol, and being collectable. Go to the FROCS website and it will give you a detailed rundown on the history of the Centaures.
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"Go to the FROCS website and it will give you a detailed rundown on the history of the Centaures"

Yeah, I'm familiar with the Frocs website. The Centaures are well made pistols and quite attractive in appearace, though I do wish they were more faithful replicas of the Colts dimensionally.

I paid about a hundred dollars for mine over sixty years ago, and still think it was worth every penny.