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FOR SALE Case bowie knife and sheath

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May 4, 2020
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New England
Little used Case bowie knife with factory sheath. Knife was only displayed and has no wear or damage other than some light smudges that will easily buff off. Synthetic white handle (Not sure of the material) and 9 1/2 inch blade. Very well made and nice looking. 150 plus shipping. Thanks! -Larry


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75 Cal.
MLF Supporter
Aug 25, 2003
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Very nice!
These began some time in WW2 as cases' version of the knife commonly known as the V44, which is mis named and was produced originally by Collins Knife Co. and cataloged as their #18 combat fighting knife. Carlsons Marine Raiders were issued the Collins knives for the raid on Makin Island 1942. Case used the basic design for what they called a pilot survival knife. The case knives used in the war may have been authorized private sales.

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