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Antique Nipple threads

Muzzleloading Forum

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Mar 18, 2018
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Cajun Land
Well since I recently acquired some Antique rifles made in the US. What is the most common nipple threads so I can try and find some new nipples?
Go to the Track of the Wolf page and search on that term, as they have them listed for what fits what. That's the resource I use honestly ...

Note that Whitacre Machine Shop makes over-sized nipples in case you want to restore one to shooting condition and the existing thread holes are buggered up.
Get a short length of soft dowel rod and thread into the hole. You can measure from that, enough for an estimate. Don’t break it off in there!


  • Dixie OS Nipples.jpg
    Dixie OS Nipples.jpg
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  • TRACK OS Nipples  n Taps.jpg
    TRACK OS Nipples n Taps.jpg
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