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Having both purchased and sold antique and newer made muzzleloaders to folks in CALIFORNIA, my experience has been that the laws vary from one district to another. In one area they are without restrictions while in another they are treated as modern firearms and require transfer by FFL.
Unfortunately since the ATF now expects the SELLER to know what laws apply to the buyer and will happily prosecute the SELLER for sending a pre-1899 or muzzleloader into such areas directly to the buyer, that is where the issue lies. Having the buyer simply assure you that no such laws apply does NOT protect the buyer in anyway.
I no longer send anything to CA, IL or any other state that doesn't recognize a pre-1899 or muzzleloading firearm as exempt from FFL transfers.
Sending a exempt firearm to an address in CA where it would be a legal transfer but to a buyer who lives in a FFL only transfer area ( send it to my friend or relative and I'll pick it up there instead) makes you compliant in a "straw purchase", which is also a felony.
Just my 2 cents.
The ATF will not prosecute anyone for violating small town small minded rules. If it ain’t Federal they have , 1. No jurisdiction , 2. No interest.
I live in California and have purchased many black powder "guns". With no more restrictions or hassles than if I was being shipped a box of Kellogs Corn Flakes. It is not even a "gun" under California law.

There are small areas (like San Francisco and Los Angeles I think) where there are local laws, but no State laws at all. The State of California does not prosecute, only the cities do that, for violations of city laws.

When I want to test a local area, I put a muzzleloader from Midway into the cart and enter a phony residence address as a fictional address in the area of interest, such as Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles and see if Midway pops up a warning or is prepared to ship the gun directly to this fictional private residence. Midway (and other major retailers) know the laws in California regions. They have to know the laws very well in order to avoid breaking them.
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