fire lighting

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  1. Le Loup

    Fire Bow Fire Lighting.

  2. Tom A Hawk

    SOLD Flint and Steel Kit - Tinder Box Size 2 Finger Striker

    This set includes a flake of sharp English flint, a roll of charcloth, no char required wood punk, small sample of no char required tinder fungus, jute nesting fiber, a high carbon, forged two finger striker and instructions. $20 by money order. Free shipping.
  3. Le Loup

    Making 18th Century Sulfur Matches or Spunks.

    Spunks were used in 18th century households for transferring fire to the fireplace or to light a candle from a tinderbox or tinderlighter. Sparks were struck directly onto the tinder in the tinderbox & the sulfur match would be touched to the smouldering tinder to create a flame. Be careful when...
  4. Le Loup

    Charring Plant & Fungus Tinders without using a "char tin"!!!

    In the 18th & 19th centuries people did not use a tin or any container to char tinder for flint & steel fire lighting. They simply charred the tinder material, be it tow rag (cloth), plant or fungus material, directly in the flames of the fire. Then they extinguished the smouldering...
  5. Le Loup

    Reading Glass Fire Lighting.

  6. Le Loup

    Firelock Fire Lighting.

    "There was Dry leaves and sticks under our shelter. I stoped the tuch hole of my gun with tallow and then did ketch fire and we made up a fire and Dryed our selves." Westward Into Kentucky, Daniel Trabue, 1779: “…he was left to amuse himself all night a long side his fier (fire) which he made...
  7. Le Loup

    The Gunpowder Bag or Wallet.

    One of the author's five leather gunpowder bags. “…fungus that grows on the outside of the birch-tree…used by all the Indians in those parts for tinder…called by the Northern Indians Jolt-thee, and is known all over the country bordering on Hudson’s Bay by the name of Pesogan…there is another...
  8. Le Loup

    Flint, Steel & Tinderbox.

  9. Le Loup

    No "charcloth" Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.