Charring Plant & Fungus Tinders without using a "char tin"!!!

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Le Loup

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Feb 15, 2010
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New England Australia
In the 18th & 19th centuries people did not use a tin or any container to char tinder for flint & steel fire lighting. They simply charred the tinder material, be it tow rag (cloth), plant or fungus material, directly in the flames of the fire. Then they extinguished the smouldering embers/tinder in the tinder box by closing the lid.
Fire was made by striking sparks from the steel directly onto the charred tinder in the tinderbox, then kindling material such as dried grass or similar was touched to the smouldering tinder in the tinderbox & blown into flame. The lid of the tinderbox was then closed to preserve the remaining tinder for next time. In homes, sulphur/sulfur matches/spunks were used to get fire from the smouldering tinder in the tinderbox. The sulphur tip would ignite when it came in contact with the smouldering tinder.