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    Small ASM chambers?

    He can ream the chambers and accurize the pistol as well. Now that Tom Ball is no longer with us he’s the go to guy.
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    Cleaning revolvers

    It’s the soft prejudice of low expectations. Until they’ve seen a sporting weight blackpowder rifle shooting into sub MOA with iron sights, people just accept Minute of Pie Plate as the norm. Obviously, not every shooter has the patience or eyesight to pull it off but I wish I had a dollar for...
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    Cleaning revolvers

    No worries Bunk, as I’ve said repeatedly in the thread, I use plain old water 90% of the time. (A friend gave me some CVA solvent which works well but no better than water.) Then dry and protect with Eezox or Frog Lube. The fouling in the grease goes nowhere. Does not affect anything inside the...
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    what calibers were the Thompson Center Hawken made in?

    There was also the High Plains Sporter in .50 caliber, the Express rifle, also a .50. Both were made using a pistol grip stock and the New Englander tang and round barrel in 24, 26 and 29” lengths.
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    Problem with Pyrodex pistol pellets

    That’s weird… I bought a box of those when they came out and they worked in everything I tried them in. No hang fires, they just worked.
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    Traditional and accurate

    If using the maxi ball, lube only the bottom groove…
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    Long range

    As far as we know,..
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    Cleaning revolvers

    I agree. I started using tap water cause that's what grandpa used. Then I read one of the black powder manuals in the late 60’s . Just back to the world and thought I’d catch up. They suggested boiling water so I used that. Which was a pain in the fields or camp. So I went back to cold water...
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    Cleaning revolvers

    You have to admit Bunk, that’s a bit sparse on details. Shoot, the average post on a board such as this probably runs 500 words on the topic. Colt probably paid his printer by the letter, hence the brevity. For my part each of us throwbacks still using these old timey firearms is going to...
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    FOR SALE 1858 Remington by pieta/Dixie gun works "shooters" model.

    I recognize that pistol. When I owned it it was capable of 1” accuracy at 25 yards bench-rested. There’s a small scar, looks like a slip of a screwdriver but otherwise it was in excellent condition then, doesn’t look much different now. I have other, better photos around here I’m sure.
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    Powder drum question

    I wonder if @Paul R ever had remove that drum… I mean, that was 4 years ago…
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    SOLD Green Mountain drop in LRH… TOO LATE, IT’S GONE!!

    Pending funds I believe this one is sold.
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    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    Dunno if you’ve watched that movie. The Princess Bride. Our kids loved it and so did theirs and now we have great grandchildren loving it too. Cute movie and you’ll appreciate that whenever American filmmakers portray a fictional country back in time, the characters all speak in British accents...
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    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    He had to puff himself up!