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    Mountain Man rifles

    Because these were wiping sticks it may have been common to keep tow on the worm to keep them in the barrel.
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    First American Rifles

    Are you sure it wasn’t made in North Carolina? Sorry, that was baiting.
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    First American Rifles

    It looks like an old man of the woods, if I had to sum it up. Of course the person who supports the “Albrecht made this for the Shawnee” attached a fanciful image to it.
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    Appropiate way to replace an incorrect check piece inlay

    I’ve not seen bone on a Lancaster gun. My choice would be to get or make a bigger star. On a couple of Oerter’s rifles the star wraps up over the comb a bit. Not Lancaster but could look good.
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    Recommend tool to shape stock

    I work from blanks only. I use hand saws, scrub planes, draw knives, and gouges to rough shape a stock. Only then I switch to spokeshave and half round files. I can get within a 32nd of an inch with those tools. Then I go to scrapers. I’ve never used sanding to remove wood, only smooth it, and I...
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    Finished 1770s-80s Lancaster Fainot style rifle

    Ok you asked for it. The box assembly including hinge, surround, lid, catch latch spring, and opening spring are riveted together in one unit. The hinge pin rests in saddles or bearing blocks riveted to the surround. The catch spring is riveted to the surround and has a hook that holds the end...
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    Scratch affecting accuracy?

    I’ve seen some rough bores. You could run an undersized jag with scotchbrite pad to get rid of any rough edges on the scratch and you’ll be fine b
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    Finished 1770s-80s Lancaster Fainot style rifle

    Thanks, all. Fainot and some others used barrel keys even with a fixed breech. Generally on later rifles, but seems consistent on all of Fainot’s known guns.
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    Finished 1770s-80s Lancaster Fainot style rifle

    I am a fan of the work of George Frederick Fainot, a France-born gunsmith who worked in Lancaster Pennsylvania from the 1770s through about 1800. I built a fowling piece based on his work a couple years ago. This build is a rifle based on his earliest known rifle. Not meant to be a true copy but...
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    2f vs 3f

    An outstanding shooter in our club shot one of his .36 rifles with 1F for fun. Results were as usual. Cover the shots with a quarter at 35 yards. I agree finer powders get higher velocity with same volume of charge. I am not sure same is true by weight. But probably is. Note that finer powders...
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    I can’t equate such things with slavery.
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    So I guess a lot of folks would prefer that the South seceded, be allowed to do that, and continue slavery.
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    Let’s imagine a scenario where some states wanted to secede so they could pursue child molestation freely. That for fun and profit was their motive. That would be about states rights, I guess? Y’all would be cool with that? Just want to better understand the states rights argument better.
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    People never want to believe they or their kind ever are or ever were ugly or heartless in nature, or that their thriving was more important to them than the lives of others. It’s called cognitive dissonance. So they readily buy into other more favorable reasons for their actions. This alone is...