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    Lots of chatter about caliber & loads for elk, but almost no mention of barrel length, nor rifling twist rate.

    The myth that 1:48 rate of twist is somehow not sufficient for a patched ball, is just that, a big fat myth. A 1:48 rate of twist was the most common rate of twist used by gun builders back when men's lives depended upon muzzleloading rifles in the 18th & 19th Centuries. Regardless of...
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    Favorite Production Guns

    Original, British-manufactured, Parker Hale Enfield Musketoon.
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    Swiss 3F in .50 cal rifles

    I am going to postulate a theory that back when black powder was the only propellant available for war, hunting, or sport that not only was the quality of the powder problematic at times, but so also was the supply. I find it impossible to believe that even armies were always supplied with...
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    Swiss 3F in .50 cal rifles

    I can understand the competition bench rest shooters (ball & bullet), the BPCR cartridge rifle shooters, and the modern inline bullet shooters, all feeling that Swiss black powder is a necessity for their particular type of muzzleloading shooting. For myself, unless the only way that I can...
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    Swiss 3F in .50 cal rifles

    Fffg black powder is all I had to use, starting with a .45 caliber flintlock longrifle (5 years), then a .50 caliber flintlock longrifle (4 years), and finally a .62 caliber flintlock longrifle (1 year). All three barrels had a 1:48" rate of twist. My optimum load for the .45 caliber & .50...
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    SOLD Thompson/Center .50 Caliber Hawken - $400

    Back in the day I was completely self taught. Nobody ever told me that fffg Goex black powder wasn't supposed to be used in .50 caliber & .62 caliber longrifles. Because fffg black powder was all I had to use when both of those custom rifles showed up in the mail, I just used it. 70 grains in...
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    Large caliber

    I had a .62 caliber, iron-mounted, Lancasterish flintlock longrifle. The concept for which started out as a fullstock Hawken rifle. Of course, no such thing as a fullstock flintlock Hawken rifle has ever turned up. So that .62 caliber flint longrifle was just a fantasy rifle. But, it shot...
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    What are you putting your money on. Draw

    The Colt M1860 .44 caliber cap & ball revolver. Like Notchy Bob said, it points better than anything else, except the 1851 Colt Navy. If it was the immediate post-Civil War West, and the funds were available, I would have two braces of the 1860 Army revolvers hanging in custom saddle holsters...
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    Newly discovered Early Flintlock Rifle?

    I guess the better question would be how many Jaeger Battalions were amongst the Hessians hired by the British to fight in North America? And, what happened to any captured rifles? Could the above-mentioned rifle be a re-stock of a damaged captured battle rifle?
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    Newly discovered Early Flintlock Rifle?

    Just out of curiosity, what happened to the weapons that the Hessian troops were armed with that were captured in battle? We're any of those Jaeger rifles?
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    New Barrel for Altered Springfield Shorty?

    I appreciate both of your answers. I am not looking to restore such a cut-down musket, but instead just spend what it takes to make a safe, dependable, everyday shooter out of one. Probably, just send Bobby Hoyt the shortened barrel, and have him put a .58 caliber liner in it with 0.012" deep...
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    New Barrel for Altered Springfield Shorty?

    I have my eyes on several extensively modified Springfield, percussion, Civil War era .58 caliber rifles that at some point in their working lives have had the original barrel shortened to roughly 24" long. Forestock also shortened so as to provide only a forearm, with most of the fore-barrel...
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    FOR SALE Original Harper’s Ferry 1816 flintlock

    I appreciate & respect your feelings. I myself have another take on flintlock and percussion weapons of our country's history. I feel that there enough nice to pristine specimens of virtually all the common weapons like the Harper's Ferry rifled musket in museums and serious collectors...
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    Hawken rifle again

    Semisane's rifle reminds me of the first, and only, original S. Hawken rifle that I have held in both hands. As a pre-teen, I lusted for a Hawken rifle in the worst way. By 14 I had purchased the Roubidoux blueprints for building a Hawken rifle from scratch. Then, I entered the Army in 1976, and...