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    Alberta Shoots

    i just read the spfga news letter and there will be a black powder shoot on the july 24 25 weekend. the shooting trail is open.
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    Alberta Shoots

    ok i found out a bit more. the shooting trail is not certified yet, if it gets certified the shoot will be on. so its not a sure thing yet. i will post here once i know more. ou tom
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    Alberta Shoots

    walkingeagle sent me a pdf saying sherwood park bp shoot is on and scheduled for weekend of july 24/25. but i looked at their calender which does not show that. anyway its a blanket shoot min. $10 bp related prize. plus an entry fee. i am hoping they will update the calender and maybe supply...
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    decorative fringed woven tape. testing my nerves. .
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    How to apply fake striping

    its not going to rub off. i don't know why you would say that? no experience i guess ou
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    what steel finish

    white ou
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    i found some patterns for the tape loom on here but as far a hc i don't know. i bought a book called "Hand Woven tape " which has patterns in it for the tape loom. i hope others will come to the rescue. ou
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    Alberta Shoots

    dono! i think we will send you on that journey to find out and let us know. please. ;) ou
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    looks nice ou
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    go talk to a roofing company. lead flashings on the roof are discarded and rubber ones used now. pure lead. ou
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    How to apply fake striping

    i use leather dye. fiebings leather dye alcohol base. a base coat of diluted alcohol dye on the stock then paint on the stripes with full strength dye and a small paint brush. it took about 1 1/2hrs to paint on the stripes but there are better artists than i who could probably do better...
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    looking for sash for rifleman's frock

    Why what?
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    Help!!! Broke stock.

    i have wonder that. i have not done this type of repair, yet. my thoughts on the rod inserted into the stock lengthwise. i would think the hickory dowel would accept the glue better than steel or brass. then run the screws in from under the trigger guard with no change of hitting steel...
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    Screw Removal Help

    the drill bit wandering is the hard part. that is why i start with a larger size drill bit, for me i find it is easier to keep it centred, even if it is to just start the hole. another thought and which i saw a fellow do, is to use a die grinder with a small round bit, to remove the screw head...
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    TOTW Tomahawks

    i have often wondered why you would throw away your weapon. anyway, i know we practice that. the British military style tomahawk would be a good all round, more useful axe for camp. probably throw ok once you learned it . the style pictured above would likely throw better. i gave up throwing...