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    Hawken rifles in auction

    MB, I don't see the tab to 'download' the pdf file. Did you have to sign in to get that? Thanks NE
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    Spark making other then flint/chert?

    I think there were three reasons. 1) The European military units would be supplied from the home country as a normal operational supply chain. 2) Convienience and trade item - the natives 'could have kept wearing animal hides and cooking with hot rocks' but choose trade cloth and copper pots...
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    Track’s Best Bore Cleaner Solvent

    * It would be interesting and useful to see a comparison of members patch lube to cleaning product. Patch lube: XXXXXX Cleaner: XXXXXXXX * My theory/guess is that Dawn mixed with XXX works well on animal fat / seed oil lubes. Straight water for spit lube / water soluable lubes. Windshield...
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    You know what this place needs?

    Rule # 2, the forum is: Privately owned Your a GUEST Family oriented Think twice before posting Rule # 11, as I was taught: Praise in public Negative feedback in...
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    Vent pick in the touch hole while loading

    That's how I do it also. Seems to work for me.
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    were battles during the American revolution fought in nice weather?

    * Just finished reading "Raiders From New France". The raids on the English coastal settlements left the major French settlements on the St Lawrence River in October thru January. They were experienced woodsmen properly outfitted. A citizen of one of the French Canadian cities remarked that...
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    My father passed away this morning

    Job 2:13. Brother, will pray for you and your family.
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    I have a question for the Smoothbore crowd

    +1 on what Doc said!!!
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    I have a question for the Smoothbore crowd

    To the OP - your question might be better answered if you told us the range you want to be able to consistently hit deer at. If you want to consistently hit deer sized game at 75-100 yards you will need a rifle, a smooth bore is not an ethical choice. I find wind drift to be a serious issue...
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    Happy Easter From Two Feathers

    2000+ years ago one man's life passed a blessing onto and changed all of humanity. Amen. A glorious and happy Easter to all!
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    Are you still growing your Garden?

    I've heard it said that farming is the only business that buys at retail and sells at wholesale - and tries to operate in the black!🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
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    Are you still growing your Garden?

    * Your front end loader is plenty of weight for the front end. * I always told myself if my farming gets in the way of my hunting, my farming was 'too big'. I 'like' farming - I 'love' hunting. I had to remind myself of that a few years ago when I realized I was only getting a couple of days of...