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    Binocular Case Redux

    Nice looking case, BB. Did you harden/stiffen the leather at all?
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    Gentleman's Dagger

    Hello all :hatsoff: It's been a while since I have posted due to working on a bunch of modern stuff. This one would fit most any time period and I thought I would share. It features a 4 3/4" blade of 0-1 steel 4" Cocobolo through tang grip Nickel/Silver guard, bolster, spacer, and end cap As...
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    Stroh "poor boy" ain't so poor!

    Hard to go wrong with one of Roy's guns! Congrats on a great looking rifle! Nice work Roy :bow:
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    Brass Mounted Scabbard

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    First Horn (flat)

    Nice looking horn, good work! :hatsoff:
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    A strange and scary turkey hunt

    Glad it work out for you Spence, well done sir!
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    Wick Ellerbe in Muzzleloader Mag.

    Congrats Wick! :hatsoff:
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    Buying Roy Stroh fowler

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    Silver Mounted Scabbard Completed

    Nice job Wick
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    Civil War Side Knife

    Looks good
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    Busy on the Forge

    Nicely done
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    butt fodder

    I'm with ya, "roughing it" is having to use paper towels.
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    Belt knife

    Zug, the blade is 1 7/16" at the guard and 1/8" thick. Thanks all for the nice comments. :bow:
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    Belt knife

    Thanks for the kinds words fellas. This one does not have a sheath as of yet.
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    Belt knife

    Just finished this one and thought you might like a look. 9 1/4" blade of 0-1 steel Iron guard and bolster, crown antler grip with iron pin. As always, thanks for looking and comments welcome.