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    I'm already frustrated, and I've had the gun 30 minutes!

    Really enjoying your posts and I hope you stick w/ it. I'm a beginner and would say that at some point, you might just embrace and accept the oftentimes maddening intricacies. View the time considering, planning, and executing as a sort of therapy or like you would if you were hunting a big old...
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    Cutting a crescent?

    I'm definitely in the can per rifle category right now! Might as well start bathing w/ the stuff...
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    Over 50 hours of carving later...

    Hoping you post some outside photos that capture the entire rifle too!
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    Lock Related Questions

    Yes, Sir. It's looking good here. I haven't started the curves yet but the H and W is setup well.
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    Lock Related Questions

    Thanks everyone, especially you, Dave. One of the first things I did was get that disk from KRA. Then, I looked really hard to find some dimensions I could use as reference points and enlarged them. Main source for those will be acknowledged here if I can complete this in a satisfactory manner...
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    Lock Related Questions

    Hello, I’m working on my first plank build (modeled after an H Rupp) and have a couple of questions. The first question I have is, does my touch hole position look acceptable from an ignition standpoint? It’s .235 from plug face, centered on top of bolster line, but slightly above barrel center...
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    When building a rifle from a blank or kit, are there any steps U dislike?

    Working on my first plank. So, as a beginner, I think I'd have to say barrel lugs/loops/tennons. Glad I researched (first) barrel wall thickness in relation to the fat boy lugs I received (and which most would receive if ordering) etc... Some of the above is tedious and I'm still dreading the...
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    Pendersoli Pennsylvania Longrifle Build

    I built one of these last year as my first kit having not done enough research, training, etc... so please disregard the bad inlays and wild carving lol. Wish I hadn't done any of it! The reason I'm sharing these photos is because I do feel the finish came out well and may give you an idea of...
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    Short and light

    OP, I live in the West but fly "home" to hunt in New England, usually in tailing-post rut. It's "Benoit" style. I did a Pedersoli flintlock kit as my first and it's a fine shooter, shoulders quickly, and is light. It's not the shortest thing you'd be able to locate but if you did it yourself...
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    Tool supply - files

    14 files and under $55. Very versatile and reasonably priced set from Wheeler: Professional Gunsmithing File Set | Wheeler
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    Stock Blanks

    I ordered my first plank from Tiger Hunt not too long ago and he took the liberty of calling me to confirm dimensions. I was very impressed w/ that and the board I received. Another option to consider.
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    Please don't yell at me. It's just a question.

    I have a better end factory hunting rifle finished w/ it and the regularly held areas have already rubbed clean to the metal. Roughly 50-75 hunts/shoots.
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    First Build and questions.

    Good luck on your build OP! I am working on my first real one. I wish I had spent more time focusing on sharpness and sharpening on my first kit, as others have suggested. I still waste too much energy and cash researching and purchasing "the perfect" tools. Kudos to the posters here that can...
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    Books and Hardware Supplier suggestions for building Flintlocks?

    Some great advice here and good luck on your progress. I'm in the same boat and have gone "all in" on this. Cheaper than therapy lol.
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    what is your favorite style of rifle?

    I'm with Oldwood on this. I'm attempting a Rupp.