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  1. Jeff Kaufmann

    Philadelphia derringer

    Not really advice, but maybe some inspiration for you. A couple of pictures of one I recently completed. I might be building another at some point, I have most of the parts. If I do I will keep you in mind.
  2. Jeff Kaufmann

    Build Finally Finished......After 40 Years!

    Looks to me like a fine rifle, shoot it with pride!
  3. Jeff Kaufmann

    Queen Anne pistol

    If I am remembering correctly I used a 7/16 bit to drill out the chamber. I will double check the measurements and get back to you though. The total volume I ended up with was right at 30 grains of 3fg which seems to be a good charge for this pistol. The vent hole I drilled out with a 1/16...
  4. Jeff Kaufmann

    Lets see some flintlock pistols!

    Queen Anne turn-off barrel in 62 cal Phillidelphia Deringer percussion in 45 cal
  5. Jeff Kaufmann

    Birds Eye Stocked Flintlock I Just Finished

    Just don't see enough Birdseye, beautiful work on a beautiful piece of wood!
  6. Jeff Kaufmann

    Another pistol build.

    No need to apologize, no offense was taken to begin with! I have appreciated seeing your work on the forum recently, and am looking forward to seeing more of it. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Jeff Kaufmann

    Another pistol build.

    Hi Phil, I did inlet it to about 2 mm or so, it looks more proud in the photo than it actually is in hand. It was my first build and that was by far the most finicky piece for inletting so I played towards the side of caution as to not end up over sizing it and ruining the stock.
  8. Jeff Kaufmann

    Another pistol build.

    Thought I would share the Queen Anne that I made from castings by E.J. Blackley and son by way of comparison.
  9. Jeff Kaufmann

    Another pistol build.

    Awfully cute little boxlock you built there, I like it! I enjoy the quirky styles and types though. What caliber is it?
  10. Jeff Kaufmann

    need help with inlays

    I would agree with Poker, I would recut a new brass inlay slightly larger, remove the old brass, and carefully inlet the new piece over the existing position.
  11. Jeff Kaufmann

    one more from scrapforging

    Quarantine boredom got a hold of me a week or so ago and I took a couple of days to make my boss a knife out of a piece of structural steel from the 120 year old building that the brewery is in. We had to remove a set of the exterior windows and portion of brick wall a while back to be able to...
  12. Jeff Kaufmann

    Fixing up a scabby old Trade Musket

    Nicely done, your progress is impressive! Thank you for sharing!
  13. Jeff Kaufmann

    First build

    Very fine looking piece you put together there!
  14. Jeff Kaufmann

    Show me your flintlock pistol!

    Queen Anne I built from castings of a circa 1740 original by Gill of Richmond acquired from E.J. Blackley and son. 62 caliber breech that tapers to 60 caliber at the muzzle. 45 caliber Phillidelphia Deringer percussion pistol. Came to me mostly complete but did require a bit of re-working the...
  15. Jeff Kaufmann

    Hello from Idaho !

    Welcome to the forum and looking forward to hearing more from you! There are some very knowledgeable folks here both on the history side and the gunsmith craftsman side.