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    Finished my black powder cannon today - whaddya think?

    Crowd pleaser and will also give pause to those obnoxious folks the next campsite over!
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    Dutch Oven

    Kent Rollins has a YewTube channel on DO cooking techniques and Recipes. He takes the time to explain the finer points and subtleties that are inherent to cooking outdoors. Also has a couple excellent cookbooks.
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Very sorry for your loss, may his memory be a blessing
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    Great BP cleaning solution

    The problem is there a misunderstanding about what it means to "clean" firearms. Modern smokeless propellants and non-corrosive primers means anything, including doing "nothing" will work pretty well. However clean it "looks", there is a problem when dealing with corrosive residues. Blackpowder...
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    How many shoot bp only?

    Metallic cartridge firearms are just a fad. It'll never last!
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    Need help with my new hat.

    I don't know too much about it, except to say shaping or "blocking" (if this is what you're getting at) a felt hat is pretty easy. Maybe this isn't what you're asking about, not sure. All that's really needed though is a tea kettle or coffee percolator. Direct steam closely on a specific region...
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    revolver nipples and .44 ball

    If you know someone who uses an oxygen concentrator or is prescribed O2, the supply tubing hoses are the right size and you'll have a lifetime supply with a single hose or two. They need to be replaced regularly so they will have plenty on hand to give you. (Don't filch the hose they are using...
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    seasoned my cast iron pot today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    That is a good 'un! Cast iron the vintage stuff is getting spendy. I mean, moreso than it already was. Maybe have to keep it chained down in camp to keep it from getting legs. I'm not kidding, some of that stuff costs as much as a good used car now. I sure hate to be "that guy", but the...
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    Is there printed route of the Oregon trail?

    It may be the case, that some would find the cost of a printed copy of this inestimable volume too dear or, perhaps, wanting for other reasons of circumstance, would by necessity find this link to same convenient and of great utility.
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    Murphy's Oil Soap "Biodegradable" New Formula

    "Biodegradeable" is most definitely a major marketing term. All soap and detergents are "biodegradeable". It just takes a hell of a long time. The mark-up on those cute little bottles of "Campers Suds" is off the charts. The Murphy's co. may have removed any phosphates, if they ever had any...
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    Black Powder, Is there a shortage?

    Ammunition manufacturers are churning out lots of cartridges, running 3 shifts.
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    PC question I’ve always wondered about

    One thing about water, appearance and odor, or taste doesn't really tell you anything, at least not whether water is bacteriologically safe to drink. Water could be absolutely crystal clear and taste wonderful, and yet make one sick as hell. On the other hand water can be off color, with...
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    Historical question regarding combat with muzzleloading rifles

    Arnold was considered a hero, up until the time he wasn't. He lived the rest of his life in England, where he was sort of persona non grata and died a broken man. Traitors are not well loved, even by their hosts. They know instinctively they cannot be trusted.
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    PC question I’ve always wondered about

    While Smallpox was introduced to North America (the Indians had no immunity whatsoever) Syphilus was apparently amongst the imports brought back to the Old World. In any case by the time the expedition rolled through the plains, upper Missouri and coast it was rampant, whether the members...
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    PC question I’ve always wondered about

    This is getting way, WAY off the subject of water treatment, but ... Yes, they had "sexual access". It is a complicated subject, and cannot be looked at with modern sensibilities. The Captains, for their part, did not approve of these liaisons but could do little to prevent it. "Lewis and Clark...