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So, what happened?

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40 Cal
Jan 1, 2021
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.... with the Goex plant shutting down?

The last I heard, everyone was running around with their hair on fire. Understandably so, I Suppose.

Then, I heard rumblings that DuPont (or somebody) was going to purchase the facility. Crisis averted? I dunno. I'm just a simple guy, I can't keep up on all this stuff.
I got four pounds of Swiss 3f not long ago. Along with the nearly two pounds of Goex that I have, and two full horns, I'm good for a good while!!
I got several cans of Goex and one of Swiss just in time. That was back in the summer, thank goodness for looking ahead.
I got a few cans of powder back when it was just a rush on the supply, due to everybody panicking over covid. I got lucky and got the last couple cans the store had. Not long after this, I heard of Goex going south, so I'm glad I was able to get some.