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    Slings on Long Rifles

    Furthermore Why are you in the woods, if you are anyone but Lewis Wetzel making war you are in a group most likely. Even the Girty’s traveled in groups. However most spending weeks/ months were gathering deerskins and or trading or girding trees etc to plant corn and were doing the everyday...
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    Slings on Long Rifles

    so.... We had slings on rifles before the time period We had slings on rifles after the time period We had slings on Jaegers during the time period We had slings on smoothbores during the time period But no one ever thought to put one on a rifle during the time period because when they were...
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    Building to a "price point" means you know what it will take price wise to sell a product and you build the product to hit that price. If you know that a Thompson Center sells for "X" and you are going to build a copy of it you can not sell it for twice that much, if you can you build it to...
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    SPG bullet lube ?

    The hammer will fall, the powder will ignite, the bullet will go down the barrel and if you aimed well. the target will be hit.
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    What did I buy????

    Yes! That is a very nice one, and a bargain as Mr. Smoothy said. You could sell it and make a profit for sure. But assuming it fits you.....shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot it!
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    Use of the hunting sword

    Yes it is, and if you want to try it, give Mitch Kemmer at Spartan Hunting Lodge a call (google it) and give it a go. Mitch has had people kill hogs with spears, knives, get the drift. Ever heard of Kemmer Curs (a type of dog) thats what he uses to corner them.
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    Help for old eyes

    Belleville, the eyepal has a is what I would call tacky (not sticky) if that makes sense. Put it on the glasses, if not in the right place, peel it off and move it a little, try again. For the record it did not help me all that much, for a non-traditional gun a peep sight/soule type sight is...
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    Inflation/fuel question?

    I sell a lot of products made mostly of mild and stainless steel. We have had some huge increases in stainless prices and are selling more this year than last, our customers know the situation and that we are not price gouging so they are buying what they need before prices go even higher. Keep...
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    .36 Conundrum -- Followup

    Yes, I agree with the crud and surface rust diagnosis. Chore boy, steel wool, brass brush etc. The most important tool you already have is the bore scope. give it a scrubbing and look again
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    How I Make A Ramrod and Range Rod

    I would pick the biggest diameter that would fit in your thimbles if you are going to use it in them, if your going to use it as a range rod I would get the biggest that will fit the bore, maybe 7/16 or so.
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    How I Make A Ramrod and Range Rod

    IF! I were to make an "other than hickory" rod I would make it out of Delrin from here (click this link) McMaster-Carr it machines and holds threads well and will not wear the riflings. I have one that I use on my BPCR rifles as it is flexible and gets around the soule sights. Hickory however...
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    I need a recommendation for professional grade gunsmith screwdrivers

    Chapman for me. I have used the included ratchet with a LOT of down pressure and never broke a tip. They are a little pricey but when I have tried cheaper ones I have broken them and been disappointed. Have not tried the Brownells drivers.
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    Bag went to hell

    My opinion here, use the good thread used for fixing shoes etc is the best option. If you use artificial sinew separate it down to the same thread thickness as the bag was originally sewed with. Leather lacing, you will have to punch different holes and it will never look right, ten years from...
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    How much gun weight can I lose

    Thanks guys, obviously boring out the barrel isn't going to help much. I really like the gun, its a copy of the John Schreit rifle but really should have been made with a swamped barrel. The barrel is a J. Goodoien straight 1", no flare or taper and shoots really well but the older I get the...
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    How much gun weight can I lose

    I have a rifle with a 38" long barrel, 1" across the flats in .54 caliber that is to muzzle heavy for me. I considered cutting off the muzzle but after much deliberation determined the architecture would never be right. If I were to have it rebored to a .58 does anyone know or have a reasonable...