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    Building a Pecatonica Tennessee Classic Longrifle

    One place you're causing yourself a lot of extra work, most of that browning will be removed, or destroyed by the time you file all the wood to shape. Tang, forestock, etc. As you progress, you'll find the right order of things. You'll also find it was smart to listen to expert advice...
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    Has anybody actually used duracoat on a barrel?

    Don"t know why you"d want to. A cold brown, you can do at home, and will last your lifetime, and more.
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    Most Overrated Muzzleloading Accessories

    Vent picks. Ive got 3 or 4 of them. Cant remember the last time I've used one. One of those things I guess, Its better to have it, and not need it, than need it, and not have it.
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    Happiness is Three Kiblers in process!

    Pathfinder, you are doing a pretty nice job finishing these Kibler kits....... but now its time to move on to better things. 1. Design and build your own. 2. do a little research, and discover the appropriate hardware and matchboxes for the era and style you're building. your star is ok, but...
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    Tumbling bullets

    Shoot round balls.
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    Jewelers saw blades---Wondering.

    Well, if you just WANT a jeweler saw, by all means buy one. BUT you certainly won’t need one to finish a Kibler SMR.
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    Jerry Fisher Inletting Scraper

    You will be wasting your money. No need for that on a Kibler kit.
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    Iron butt plate help

    Back to your issue. YES, a lot of work with chisels and rasps. I’ve been building for over 25 years, and in my opinion, this is the toughest parts of the build. Mostly because you are inletting 2 directions at once, forward and down. It will help to get the contour of the butt first, then mark...
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    Flintlock Hawken Squirrel Rifle?

    Here’s the thing…. If you want it, you’ll probably have to build it, or have it built. BUT, it will in no way be a Hawken rifle. True, squirrel, turkey, and Missouri rifles were made by the Hawken shop in the day. But, they were half stock and percussion. With all the other styles of rifles that...
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    Carving in a Colonial Rifle Stock

    Pathfinder, another problem we all have with mouldings, is keeping them straight. whether it’s a single line, or double, here’s what I do to keep them straight. First, I DO use a straight edge, ( not a cool as Dave) sorry Dave!, second, i cut the line with a narrow V tool, to straighten that...
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    Another tennon pinning question, please, pics

    Quick question….. why are you soldering the middle one? Should be plenty of meat there. The one in the waist would be of more concern.
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    Single Trigger Improvement

    Trigger needs to move up and back. Pin it in the stock. You probably won’t be able to use the existing blade. Keep the old plate, just because it fits the inlet. Buy or make another blade, and pin it a bit above the sear, and approximately ⅝” in front. You should have a 2-3 lb pull.
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    Track of the wolf and the lefthand builder

    Look, pretty much ANY stock can be made into a left hand gun, IF you can find a left hand lock. Even a pre carve, with no lock inlet, can be a left hand gun. Only thr lock and side plate are different. I’ve made several.
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    Peter Neihart Lehigh rifle

    I do LOVE the folksy carving!